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MedMatrix help organisations improve efficiency, streamline business processes and overcome the challenges of a demanding IT strategy. In a nutshell, we specialise in the delivery of bespoke software applications, integrated services and web solutions. User experience is at the core of everything we do.

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Whatever your Requirements and Whatever your Budget, we will Accommodate all your Needs. We Believe in Quality without Compromise.


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Responsive email is a huge step forward for marketers, allowing you to reach your customers on desktop, mobile and tablet with a design that adapts to suit your reader’s device. In recent years we’ve seen a huge uptrend in users accessing their mailbox via mobile. This adds a whole new range of design considerations as technology continues to diversify. Our responsive templates ensure your communications look professional across Android, IOS and Windows platforms. Not only that, their ‘fluid’ design responds to fit a vast range of screen sizes and resolutions including retina displays and hi-res devices. You will receive a responsive email template as standard with all our email marketing services, allowing you and your valued subscribers to get the most out of every email marketing campaign. The email marketing platform that we use also allows the email to be viewed across all email providers i.e. Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. We use this tool to test and refine the design of the newsletter.

Bespoke Software Development

Despite the existence of a wide selection of off-the-shelf applications designed for businesses, for many companies the best solutions to their IT needs are to be found with independent developers that specialise in producing tailor made suites to address clients' specific needs. An application written to your company's specifications will of course be more expensive than a generic programme that has been designed to appeal to as many firms as possible, but whatever the method, it needs to be a perfect fit for your organisation. Every commercial enterprise does things in a slightly different way and has its own peculiarities that an anonymous team of developers are unlikely to be able to cater for, which is why spending the time and money to develop something special for your staff can often pay off in the long run. Companies that buy readymade applications often find themselves having to pay a developer to build a more user-friendly front end or having to employ time-consuming workarounds in order to make the programme fit their day-to-day requirements. If your business processes were not developed with retail IT suites in mind, then there is a good chance that bespoke software solutions could be a good solution for your business. Our team of developers are conversant with a wide range of technologies and platforms, making us an ideal choice for firms that wish to leverage as much of their existing software as possible when introducing new applications.

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